Weeks to Come…

Posted On May 28, 2009

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Over the next week I intend to finish the refinement process of my toolkit. Hopefully having the final pro type ready to be used by the end of next week. As discussed in class I aim to construct the toolkit out of Acrylic. Over the next few weeks to I then intend to take the toolkit to the Mansfield DSE to begin the user ideation process. As discussed in my previous post this information will be document by digital photograph as well as digital video. This data will then be used to feed my personal ideation process. This technique will give the design a very user centered focus. This information will be presented in my DVR as well as my end of semester presentation.

Over the coming weeks I will also continue basic ideation sketching, evaluating my surveys and the development of my DVR.


Ute Trays

Posted On May 27, 2009

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Just a few images of alternate utility tray designs to help with the sketching process.

Over the Last Week. Toolkit Development

Posted On May 27, 2009

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Over the last week I have been working on the development of the 3d toolkit. The design is pretty close but I would like to make a couple of prototypes to get the toolkit perfect for the end of semester. The bellow photos are the illustrator files to be laser cut. Due to it being week 12 I honestly have had a week dedicated to my other classes so I haven’t achieved as much as would have like this week. However I plan to have a prototype cut 1 before class tomorrow.

I have also been evaluating the results of my surveys for my DVR. I have been exacting themes and opinions. The results so far a quite comprehensive but due to the lengthy response and the number of surveys this process is quite time consuming. I aim to have the full results shortly which will be analysed and conclusions drawn within my DVR.

The survey results will be used to inform the design of the toolkit. Focusing on common themes and problems from the user group. The toolkit will then be used to identify the users opinion toward how the design should be. The toolkit will take a simplistic form as to make the minipulation of it as easy and quick as possible. This will allow for rapid idea generation from both the user and myself. All forms will be documented using photography. By constructing a participatory toolkit I will be able to focus on a inclusive design approach. Once the user ideation stage has taken place the toolkit will also be a quick and dirty tool for my ideation stage.

Chassis Pics

Posted On May 18, 2009

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Using a website I found called The-Blueprints I have been able to collect a couple of images to identifiy the proportions and positionings of item within the landcruiser chassis. From these images I will be able to begin the sketching process accuratly and effectivly.

Looking For Chassis

Posted On May 13, 2009

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Today I went for a drive to a couple of local car dealers to take some images of both the landcrusier and nissan patrol chassis setups. Unfortunatly I found that city dealers dont stock Landcrusiers or Patrols. This is due to the fact they dont really sell them off the showroom floor in the city. Those select few who want them order them in.

I however am off to Mansfield this weekend so I will visit the local car yards there for some images. I am positive that these dealers stock the right sort of Vehicle.

Landcruiser Chassis

Posted On May 12, 2009

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I have been trying to track down some images of exactly what the space in between the chassis rails of the Landcrusier looks like. I found a company that build auxiliary fuel tanks for 4×4 driving. The idea being its an extra tank for really long trips. The tanks maximize the space between the rails just as I maybe wish to do in my design. By looking at the photos you can see the additional tank hence exactly were the extra space is. This space is approximatly 90 litres but I belive there is still more space there to be utalised. I plan to visit a Toyota dealership soon to get some exact photos of the rails.

The Site…

Update & Participatory Toolkit

Posted On May 5, 2009

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Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on evaluating my surveys. I now have responses from Mildura, Swan Hill, Mansfield and Alexandra. Surveys are still pending from Ballarat, Bainsdale and Hamilton. I have been compiling results from these and drawing conclusions. These conclusions will inform my design process.

Prototype 1:

I have also been working on the development of my 3D Participaroty toolkit. As shown in my Mid Semester Presentation the toolkit involves the rearrangement of the main items on the vehicle tray. These are the toolbox, pump, hosereel, watertank and the tray itself. The toolkit at this stage has been developed so that only the water tank is customisable. It is based on theory that I will stick with the existing tray and toolbox. The water tank is to scale and is made up of lego blocks. The number of lego blocks equals 400L and can be reconfigured into any shape and still maintain its volume of water.

I intend to use this toolkit to generate design and layout ideas. This will be digitally documented. I will do this myself and also pass in on to several members of the Mansfield DSE. This will give a larger range of possible concepts from both a user and designer perspective.

Prototype 2:

In the coming weeks I intend to develop a second toolkit that is fully customisable. Allowing for changes in the tray and toolbox structure as well. This will allow for a greater understanding if I decide to develop a new toolbox and tray system aswell.