Stinchcombe Engineering

Whilst I was sitting here sketching possible layout redesigns for a toolbox for my new DSE tray unit, I remembered that DSE used to use toolboxes supplied by Stinchcombe Engineering. I did a little research into the boxes and found that their are off the shelf items may be more appropriate then a custom made one. This may potential lower costs. These boxes however are great as is but also could be modified to suit specific needs. Very inspiring…

Bellow are some intresting styles… More can be seen at


Back to School…. The Holidays

The holiday period has seen me taken a well deserved break from the year’s final project. Overall I was very satisfied with the critical feedback the panel gave from our end of semester presentation. I was left feeling satisfied with where my project was at and where it is going. The feedback received was also very informative and left me with ideas and inspiration for areas I had gloss over early in the semester. Over the holidays I have done a lot of thinking about my final project and have been able to identify exactly where I want the project to be by the end of the year. I have done a degree of planning which has been documented.

Over the break the exploration using the 3D participatory toolkit was conducted. The images will soon be uploaded to the blog, so stay tuned. The toolkit turned out to be a very very positive process. It allowed the users and myself to easily generate a range of layout scenarios and identify floors in the current system. The process also became a conversion starting point, leading to numerous in depth discussions about the subject area. I found that the tool kit increased the rapidness of the initial idea generation design process. This as a result reduced the amount of time consuming sketching that need to be done, by eliminating the need to sketch numerous detailed layouts. By generating these initial layouts with the toolkit, the most effective layouts could be explored in detail, saving time and increasing productiveness as a result.

So basically that is where i’m at. I am now trying to gear myself back up for my final semester and hit the ground running. This may be hard as the break has been very pleasant. That’s why i m doing a little work now easing myself back into it. Generally I’m feeling good about this semester but we will reassess this comment in week 10.