Week 13 Update

Posted On October 20, 2009

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So last week I sort of hit a wall in my progress development. This was largely due to trying to sort out my objet printing. I initially planned to have this organized as of Monday morning last week however deadline very quickly became Monday this week. This was due to the fact that my initial objet printing quote was rediculosly expensive and not within my project budget. Because of this i spent the entire week bouncing emails and CAD files back and forward with Andrew and various other companies to get the lowest quote.

I initial wished to get all intricate parts objet printed but after finding it to be expensive i then tried to reduce the number of parts and revert back to hand making some. However after receiving another quote it was still bloody expensive. So i then had to rework my CAD and quote for some parts powder and some objet…. Anyway this is what conculsion of i have come to. I will be getting the rear slip on unit, pump and bullbar objet printed and the tank will be powder printed. However the powder printed tank will no be used in my model I have made an MDF block tank that will be. This is due to time constraints and the effort required to finish powder. This was finalized yesterday so im hoping by the end of the week. Fingers cross Andrew doesn’t stuff it….

So with the making of my model pushed a long way back I intend to attack my DVR this week and begin my CAD renders. I anticipate the renders will take ages so i’m putting of doing it (THIS PROBABLY ISN”T WISE.. OH WELL). I hope to get a fair wack of this done this week. Then I can get back into my model when all my parts arrive. I still think im on track but white paper syndrome is getting the best of me with the DVR. Its been so long between writing stuff.


3 Responses to “Week 13 Update”

  1. scottmayson

    So what are you going to render it on? and how are you going to place it into an environment? Sounds like it is going well so far.

    • mattbrowne88

      No idea about rendering yet im leaning toward photoworks, I’m trying to find the easiest and quickest package my problem is my assembly is so big 360 crashes. I have tried hypershot, photoworks, and 360. I don’t particular want to spend a week trying to learn a new program. I plan on a few studio renders for working components and also a few scene renders in the bush. I will also photoshop people silhouettes in over the top.

  2. isoko167


    If you have numerous assemblies in one final assembly, it will slow it down considerably. If you can save you sub-assemblies as parts (insert into new part on SW) then it may help.

    The only downside is that you loose the ability to change the material and colour within that part (if that makes sense)

    Sad to hear about the Objet stuff. Tis’ a pain in the backside.


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