Page Layout For Exhibition

Posted On October 27, 2009

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The bellow images roughly depict my poster layout for the exhibition. Hero shots to the right, and techicnal render storyboards to the left. The majority of the poster will be a visual aid for the model with a breif project summary included. As the model will be accompanied by the dvr not to much written project information will be required.


Solidworks Tray Mechanism Prototype

Posted On August 11, 2009

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I have been using Solidworks to prototype the mechanism for the lowering and raising of the tray at the rear of the vehicle. The models are very crude however have been extremely useful in aiding my understanding of how the tray will telescope and move as it moves up and down. It allowed me address hinge points, rotation points and points that need to be pinned. Video one is a model of my initial idea however was found not to work once prototyped. Model 2 is a resolution and the most likely scenario for my final model.

Model 1 didn’t work as it would require 2 pins through the holes to stop the brace from moving once in position. However when the tray is in the down position the holes don’t line up and therefore won’t work. Also the bracket takes up a lot of room when in the down position and I intend to store additional hoses under hear as well as the spare tyre.

Model 2 simply telescopes. I actually didn’t think this would work but surprisingly it does. This system would only require one pin. However a ratchet system may be used to eliminate this altogether.

I will try replicating this model using laser cutting.

Australian Standards in Relation to my Project.

Posted On March 31, 2009

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I have been investigating the SAI Global database to find standards that may affect my future design. I found that the majority of the standards are linked to infrastructure, clothing and fire detection. There is also a section deticated to the testing of materials under heat. As for firefighting tools and equiptment there is very little specified.  As the existing slip on units are made from a combination of existing products such as a davey firefighting pump and silvan 400 l tank it may be applicable to look at each type of product individually. For example pump fittings, sizes and hydrant requirments. From my reaserch it will be more applicable to refer to the standards as required. However the heat test for materials will be very helpful when I begin to experiment with materials etc.

I looked at the following documents Knapsack Spray Pumps for Firefighting AS 1687—1991, Fire Hose Reels AS/NZS 1221:1997, Protective Clothing for Firefighters AS 1687—1991 and a range of documents under the heading Ignitability and burning behaviour of materials and products. I found these documents very useful, they cover the areas of material specification,  joing methods and requirments and product testing.  They will help me understand the general requirments of Standards Australia and how to find the approipiate standard when I require it.

NT Fire Unit Pics.

Posted On March 24, 2009

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I was given these photos from a mate at DSE. He saw these units in the Northern Terratory on a holiday.